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We all know

the therapeutic

and health benefits

of the holy

Greek Olive Tree

and the

Mediterranean Diet.


For this reason,

I use only

all-natural ingredients,

with no preservatives,

and, of course,

100% extra virgin olive oil

from the

Land of Gods.


Continuing to bring more Greek flavour to your table.

SIMON’S GREEK captures the flavours and spirit of the basic staples of the Mediterranean diet.

Following the introduction of the healthiest Greek Salad Dressing, Simon’s Greek is expanding its flavour profiles to make your life more deliciously Greek.

Our second endeavour, our Oil & Lemon Sauce, is the perfect accompaniment to any meat or fish dish.

And now, our long-awaited authentic Moussaka is now available. Serve your family and guests one of the classic staples of Greek cuisine.

As always, all-natural and full of goodness.


I am a great believer
in quality above everything else.
That is the way I conducted myself for 30 years, running three Greek restaurants in Toronto and Markham.
Quality, Quality, Quality
has always been my slogan.
Through my own cultural heritage
and as a proud Canadian,
I have always felt like
an unofficial ambassador
of Greek food and culture.


Simon Leptokaridis