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We all know

the therapeutic

and health benefits

of the holy

Greek Olive Tree.


For this reason,

I use only

all-natural ingredients,

with no preservatives,

and, of course,

100% extra virgin olive oil

from my family’s grove

in Greece.

Phalanx 2

Finally, a Greek Salad Dressing worth the name.

The healthiest Greek Salad Dressing is now a reality and a must-have item for your pantry.

SIMON’S GREEK Salad Dressing captures the flavours and spirit of the basic staples of the Mediterranean diet.

I searched the market and, realising that a proper dressing for the healthiest salad in the world was really hard to come by, I discovered a need to bring this salad dressing to you.


I am a great believer
in quality above everything else.
That is the way I conducted myself for 30 years, running three Greek restaurants in Toronto and Markham.
Quality, Quality, Quality
has always been my slogan.
Through my own cultural heritage
and as a proud Canadian,
I have always felt like
an unofficial ambassador
of Greek food and culture. Sincerely, Simon Leptokaridis